TEKNON offers an authentic & affordable alternative to luxury watchmaking with a high quality automatic watch that you could personalize and continue to evolve over time.

TEKNON’s timeless design, takes its inspiration from the universe of vintage military aviation, the world of classic racing cars. Symbols of endurance, high performance and innovation.

Passionate by watchmaking and vintage design, TEKNON’s founders aim at providing a unique customer experience. Our user can express their creativity and design an exceptional watch, forged with carefully crafted components.

TEKNON name illustrates its origin from the ancient Greek meaning as the symbol of creation.

We offer near-endless customization of watch and continue to add new designs regularly to our component offerings.

TEKNON truly embodies the combination of tradition and innovation.



– We believe in affordability by not using a Swiss Movement.

ETA or SELLITA movements are the 2 most popular brands in Swiss watch industry for automatic movements. They are extremely reliable yet quite expensive. So we chose to use a Seiko Japanese movement for a few reasons:

  • They are as reliable and precise as their Swiss counterparts.
  • They are less expensive and they have also a lower cost of maintenance / service.


– We believe in helping the environment by never using a battery. They are consider a hazardous waste due to their composition: Mercuric Oxide, Silver Oxide, Lithium, Alkaline, Zinc-Air, etc… and difficult to recycle !!!

In addition, you won’t need to worry about any battery replacements.


We are a FRENCH brand but pride ourselves in the highest quality materials (Italian leather, Japanese SEIKO movement, Steel 316L, Sapphire Crystal, etc.) so our customers can build watches that last ! We developed the best mechanical, custom made watches : no compromise !